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Academy Performers

Is your teen looking for a fun, inclusive activity for their afternoons?

Are they working towards a career in the performing arts?

No matter the goal, Bathurst Academy of Dance has classes to suit all!

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There's no better feeling than seeing your child a part of an inclusive and supportive club as they navigate through their teen years. Here at BAD we pride ourselves on providing our senior students with a space to grow, learn and make friendships to last a lifetime.

Our Academy Performers classes allow dancers to develop new skills in the classroom and provides both downtime and a safe space from those busy school days. 

Offering a vibrant and enriching experience, Bathurst Academy of Dance is the perfect outlet for self-expression and creativity.


"I love the community they have made. The teachers make class fun, exciting and challenging. I love this studio, teachers and students." - Mia, Academy Performers Student 

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