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25 years on...


From humble beginnings, operating from the back of a church, to wonderful growth and our very own studio location, Bathurst Academy of Dance has been educating local students for over 25 years.

Originally opened by Mrs Jodie Griffiths in 1998, the school has been a pillar of the creative arts in the Bathurst community since. Miss Meg Squires continued to grow the school from 2010-2014 before passing the reigns over to Miss Jose. 
Miss Jose & Miss Mikaela both trained under Miss Jodie & Miss Meg and are honoured to continue their legacy, celebrating each and every student.


Curating beautiful experiences, blossoming friendships and springboarding careers are just some of the wonderful achievements we have had over these years. But our biggest achievement? Growing the Bathurst Academy of Dance family of students past and present, young and old. A second home, safe place and family community for all involved.
Educating the whole person and building a community of passionate, driven and confident people - that is by far the greatest achievement of all. 


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